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Cantieri Estensi was founded in Ferrara, a city having a special relationship with water and saling. Set on the Po di Volano, the town still shows its 14th century urban structure, when it was held the family; Biagio Rossetti’s project made in the first modern city in Europe, hence its recognition as a UNESCO world Heritage, first in 1995 as a Renaissance city and then in 1999 for the Po delta and the “Delizie estensi”.

Cantieri Estensi was founded in 1995 with ambition of building boats featuring never-ending charm and able to stand amy sea condition.

More than 500 boats, roaming between the 14 different models produced today, have been buit since 1996. Cantieri Estensi’s story began with the production of Queentime, a precious motosailor produced in 80 models in two different versions. Starting from 2000 the shipyard specialized in the model Goldstar, proving Cantieri Estensi as one of the leader Italian brands, in the production of lobster boats, redesigned in a mediterranean way by simplifying their lines, creating modern and timeless boats. The Maine series saw the light in 2006 and opened a new development way based on maturity and modernity of the product prestigious and exclusive boats, with semi-displacement hulls and speed ranging between 8 and 18 knots. The new production site, where all the models all built, was opened in 2009. The new flagship, the 640 Maine, was launched in the Spring of 2011, it is a symbol of the most modern and functional way of sayng and linving on bard. In 2015 Cantieri Estensi was talen over by a new partner ship having a precise airn: preserve tradition and increase the prestige and quality of its boats, relying on Made in Italy excellence.